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DW cup started last night!
One of the biggest football tournaments in kaashdhoo has started. It is named as DW Cup which is being organized by Club Venture and sponsered by DW finishing football tem. The opening ceremony was held on 7th September 2010. The cup was initiated with a football match played between two women teams. 14 teams are participating in this year’s tournament. The final match is scheduled on 12th September 2010.

4 Responses to “DW cup 2010 started on 7 Sept 2010”

  • rondu says:

    meethi liyunu myhaa ah ragalhah mubaaraath ge gavaidh nukiyifaivaakan faahaga kollan.. DW CUP 2010 organized koh adhi sponsered vess kohfai vany DW team ge faraathun.. mi mauloamaath islaah kollun vv bodah edhevigen vey.. shukuriyya

  • yabaanu says:

    football ground loookss dirtyy… kekeke

  • Saante says:

    N0 no. E news ga e iny gavaidhuga in g0thah.. Rond gavaidhu nukiyaa post koffa in kan faahaga kuran. Mubaaraathuge gavaidhu ga iny, amilla faraathakun sponser koggen, venture club in inthizaam koggen baavvaa mubaaratheh kamah. Ehenve, dw cup ge namuga inyma, sponserd by dw jehy.. Then gavaidhu ga inna gothakah thaa dho liyeveyny. Rond gavaidhu check kollahche. Then gavaidhu ga ehen liyevunyma 2 vana faharakun correct kollahche.. R0nd thankx 4 ur comment n i will correct the p0st s0on.

  • Saante says:

    yeah. Yabaan.. Its night time. Thats whyt looks like dirty.. Thank u 4 ur comment

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