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30 August- Gadheemee Member Ahmed Yasir is currently taking part in the Maldivian Icon shows organized by VTV. Yasir has gone to the 2nd round and is now included in the top 15 contestants. It is a good thing that a youth from Kaashidhoo is competing at a competition like this. Moreover, he is singing his own songs with lyrics, melodies and music made by himself.

Everyone who supports original creativity from Maldivian Artists, please give an sms vote to Yasir.Voting will be valid from Monday Night 11 pm to Thursday Night 6 pm. To vote for Yasir write MI(space)121 and send to 4888.  Thanks.

7 Responses to “Yasir participates at VTV Maldivian Icon Shows”

  • lucky girl says:

    yasiru ah hama saabas

  • butterfly says:

    yasir ge adu miadhu ivuny alah . v v v v salhi ingey yasirge adu.saabas.

  • Saante says:

    Dear butterfly, thanks for your comment. We will soon put more songs at gadheemee player at the left side. All those songs are Yasir’s own.

  • ihsaan says:

    yaasir u r not that quality…you need to learn guiter first and then play…edhurakah veveynee dharivaru vegen kan hamdhaan kurahchey

  • Saante says:

    Ihsaan, thank you for your comment. Yours is still much better than those of the judges at the VTV Maldivian icon shows. Yasir maynot be of that ‘quality’ as u say, but he is the one of the only two original artists at the Maldivian Icons shows. Maybe quality in ur view comes from a particular variety of tones maybe Hindhi styles dho. Originality is much more valuable than plagarism isn’t it?

  • Medo says:

    Ahem. Look who is talking now. =P Well you guys… I don’t know much about you Ihsaan, But I know that Yasir is a professional guitarist. And the thing you said, about being a student. Well, he’s a teacher within a student. Most of your students comes to take lessons from him, now who’s the student and who’s the teacher? =P Don’t talk shit dude!! You guyz should retire now!!

  • Man says:

    Ihsan… u better watch wat ur saying… Edhurakah veveyny dharivarakah vegen.. ehn v ma theee edhurehthaaa dhw…Teaching yabe…. well.. i can seee that u guys are a big fan of gadheemee n specially yabe.. Keep it up..xD

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