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In the 10th match of DW Cup 2010, Gadheemee played against the team Valiant. The match which started at 2300 hrs On Thursday was one of the most fantastic matches played in this Tournament so far. The match seemed like a final match. Gadheemee created many chances and threatened the Valiant’s Goal many times. The man of the match was Gadheemee’s Jersey No. 71, Nishan Ahmed(Nicchi).

The Next Gadheemee’s match is on Saturday 11th September 2010. The kick-off time is 0900 hrs in the morning.

DW cup started last night!
One of the biggest football tournaments in kaashdhoo has started. It is named as DW Cup which is being organized by Club Venture and sponsered by DW finishing football tem. The opening ceremony was held on 7th September 2010. The cup was initiated with a football match played between two women teams. 14 teams are participating in this year’s tournament. The final match is scheduled on 12th September 2010.

Some members of GADHEEMEE prepared a small shelter name as GADHEEMEE HUT. GADHEEMEE members love working together. All members always work very friendly. GADHEEMEE members use this hut to play games, to take rest etc. It is not only for GADHEEMEE, but a resting place for young and old. It is a beautiful hut. These are some pics inside of GADHEEMEE HUT.

Some GADHEEMEE members preparing joalifathi at GADHEEMEE CITY

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Gadheemee Juniors

Gadheemee Juniors

Gadheemee Juniors have won the Mysterious Challenge Cup by beating Sick For Water by 1-0. The tournament was organized by the senior team Mysterious to promote football in Kaashidhoo.

The tournament was targeted for under-15 teams and therefore a junior team was formed for Gadheemee Team. The new team was nicknamed ‘Gadhu Ju’.

The win for Gadheemee Juniors shows a good sign for future of the team Gadheemee. Gadheemee Team showed a very good performance in the Venture Cup 2009.

Falaah has won the VTV Maldivian Icon Title. Gadheemee group congratulates Falaah on this big success. We have to note that judges were not in favour of him whole through the shows and Falaah won the title by supporters votes. We again tell the judges, ‘You are a shame to the music community of the Maldives’

Congratulations again Falaah!!