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The match between Gadheemee and FC Nexus has ended in a 1-1 draw. In the previous years, Venture Cup has been organized in the name of ‘DW Challenge up’.
Gadheemee played well in the match and created many chances. Gadheemee goal keeper performed well and made good saves.

However, it was FC Nexus who took the lead in the first half and the half ended with FC Nexus having a 1-0 lead over Gadheemee.

In the 2nd half, Gadheemee improved their performance. In the dying minutes of the match, Ali Nasif(24) of Gadheemee scored to equalize.

Gadheemee complained to the management due to the fact that the referee of the match has a family link to the FC Nexus team, which made his decisions favourable to FC Nexus. Gadheemee also states that the spirit of the match could be spoiled with such decisions from the management.

Gadheemee’s next match will be on Thursday, 1st September 2011.

Gadheemee is organising a party for celebrating the winning of flyers challenge cup 2010. Gadheemee members will perform  live music in the party. The party is scheduled to start at 8:30 pm. We hope the party will be successful with the support of all the loving members.

Gadheemee football team Hooligans won the first Flyers Challange Cup title after beating trailers by 3-0. Hooligans took the lead in the first half. Hooligans scored 1 goal in first half & two goals in second half. Gadheemee team shows a very good performance through the whole match. Gadheemee coach said that the match was very easy compared to other matches. With this win Hooligans is the first champion team of Flyers Challenge Cup. A special cake has been made to celebrate this win.  The celebrations will begin at 9:30 to night. Congratulations Gadheemee! 🙂

Gadheemee football team wins the semi final match of flyers challenge cup today. Gadheee team was played against team twelve. Gadheemee team show a good performance of todays match. The only goal of this match was came in the first half. The only goal was scored by joursy no: 17 hustte. With this win gadheemee team now through the final of the flyers cup 2010. Gadheemee team will play against trailer in the final match at 4:00 pm tommrow. We hope gadheemee will win this time, and will be a champion of the tournament…

The flyers challenge cup 2010 was started today. This tournament is organised by the flyers club of kaashidhoo. .12 teams are participated for this tournament. We hope our football teams and performance will improve with this tournament. 😉

Gadheemee reached the Final and is the new runners up having lost to Flyers on penalty shoot-out.