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Falaah has won the VTV Maldivian Icon Title. Gadheemee group congratulates Falaah on this big success. We have to note that judges were not in favour of him whole through the shows and Falaah won the title by supporters votes. We again tell the judges, ‘You are a shame to the music community of the Maldives’

Congratulations again Falaah!!

Gadheemee member Yasir has bid farewell to the VTV Maldivian Icon shows. The presenters of the show Yooppe and Rishmee described Yasir as a talented and skilled youth just before he performed his farewell song.

However before starting the song, he challenged the judges to come up and perform a song to show the ‘pitch’ with example. He also reminded the judges of how impressive Imad Ismail was when he attended a previous show as a special guest. This made the judges unhappy. The audience applauded Yasir’s comments with very loud clappings as the audience has very much noticed the judges’ incompetence.

Sadly it is very much noticed that the judges are discriminatory against the original performances by any Maldivian and they favor melodies copied from Hindhi songs.

‘I am very much sure that the audience supports me so I don’t care about what the judges say. They can’t hold me back’, says Yasir.

Different famous figures at the hall later met Yasir and assured him that what he said was right about the judges.