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SCORE: 2-0


In the 16th match of DW Cup 2010, Gadheemee played against the team Dragon. The match which started at 0900 today was won by Gadheemee Football Team by 2-0.

Gadheemee played in style and showed superiority in ball possession whole through the match. Both the goals came in the 2nd half. The first goal was scored by Nishan(Nicchi) and the second goal was scored by Husny.

Man of the match was Nasih(Jersey No. 7).

With this win, Gadheemee is now on top of the group and is through to the semi-finals of the tournament. The semi-final match will be at 0900 hrs tomorrow(12-09-2010)

This year, GADHEEMEE group will, for the first time, participate in a footsal tournament.

‘This is a tournament for the experience. However we hope we can reach some good level even this time. We have a talented young team’. We are always optimistic’, Says Nimo, the coach of GADHEEMEE TEAM.

Our 1st match will be against the Vensitore tomorrow(19 September 2009) at 2300 hours.

Everyone who supports GADHEEMEE, please be there for the team.